Somebody’s Watching Me

James 1:3 You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors.

People watch what you do. That may carry more weight for someone who leads worship or plays in worship bands. The bottom line is that on stage or in a grocery store people gain an understanding of you simply based on your actions. This may not be a “fair” assessment. Regardless, people are watching you.

After finishing a worship set this past weekend, our lead guitar player was handed a note. It simply said, “I’m deaf but I really enjoyed watching you play”.  He was taken back by the weight of what this person was saying. In spite of not hearing a note he had played they still saw that he was worshiping. That person never heard the words we sang but knew what was going on simply based on our actions.

Some churches throw the word “authentic” around quite a bit these days. If the speaker connects with the audience then he is “authentic” instead of “able to speak well”. If the majority of the songs were ones you know and loved and in a key you can sing in then it was an “authentic” worship experience. If the crowd applauds your face-melting solo or appropriately sings without too much prompting from the leader then we feel we have led “authentic” worship. I am of the belief that, eventually, people will learn the difference between your “best performance” and your “authentic worship” based on how they interpret your actions.

What if the only basis for your worship was a person secretly watching how you carried yourself? What if there was a person who watched your every move and used that as a way to connect with God? I think I would act differently. I was humbled and frightened when that reality sank in. People are watching. Point them to Jesus.


~ by spruills on March 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Somebody’s Watching Me”

  1. Dude, that is great. It’s always in the back of my mind, but thanks for reminding me today. I appreciate your heart and your ministry. Worship Hard!!

  2. Good thoughts, and agreed that it may not be fair but it is true. If we think of worship as inhabiting every facet of our life instead of just when we’re on stage (like when we’re just out and about, or in the grocery store like you mentioned) then it takes on even more weight – especially if as the studies say up to 90% of our communication is unspoken, then what is it we are saying? Great reminder.

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