LOST and the art of Obedience

Galatians 5:7 You were running superbly! Who cut in on you, deflecting you from the true course of obedience?

I’m a huge LOST fan. We can come back to that later & debate theories if we need to. I always admired Jack. He would make a decision and that would either be fantastic or ruin everything. He was either a hero or he would have to admit failure and go back and pick up the pieces while mending his relationships. The best example was when the Oceanic 6 left the island and all agreed to lie about how they wound up in the middle of the ocean on a raft. Later on we get to see Jack (popping pills, hammering booze) about to jump off of a bridge after coming to the realization that they weren’t supposed to leave. He had been told that before he left. Several times. By good people. He probably knew that he wasn’t supposed to leave in his heart. But there was something in him that just HAD to see what was out there. (The island disappearing didn’t help maters either).

I am just like that.  Mind you, I’m no Jack Shepard or Matthew Fox.  There have been times when God has moved on my heart and I have responded accordingly and amazing things have happened. When I left Atlanta in 2004 to play in a band I had no idea that I would meet my wife while touring in Indiana. Or that some of the best friendships I could hope for would be formed out of that experience.  It was a step of faith and I took it. Amazing things happened.

18 months ago I KNEW that I was supposed to step down as a worship pastor. I did not. I built that program myself. I assembled racks of equipment and built power boxes on my living room floor. I had sacrificed a lot to get that program off of the ground. If I walked away who would run it? Who would care for it like me? Who would wake up in the middle of the night with a knot in their stomach worried about something that might have been overlooked?

God moved on my heart and I knew it was time to go. And I stayed. For another year I stayed. Looking back, it’s pretty easy to say “this or that is the reason you left”. I’m certain that had we obeyed and walked away when the Holy Spirit moved on our hearts several less-than-desirable things would have been – should have been –  avoided.  It was a step of faith and I didn’t obey.  Not-so-great things happened.

HOWEVER – sitting on this side of the circumstance has me pondering

Romans 8:28 That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.

If all things are being worked into something good then we have to change our perspective. James tells us to count it all joy. Why? I truly believe that looking for God to move in our midst when things are seemingly terrible allows Him to change our perspective. Yes, to obey is better than sacrifice. However we are seeing God do miraculous things in our lives right now even though we’re in a less-than-desirable circumstance.  Things are being worked to HIS good – which benefits us. I don’t ascribe to the theory that following Jesus will earn you a full bank account or a new car.  This goes deeper.  This has to do with attitude and perspective.  This has to do with a willingness and a desire to move the next time you feel God tell you to.  This has to do with taking the step of faith.  Every time.  Obeying when the Father requires you to.

If you watched the end of LOST you know what I mean.  Jack had to endure tougher things because of his initial decision, but he was exactly where he was supposed to be when things wrapped up.    When the Spirit moves in your heart and tells you to move – DO IT. It may not make sense, but as Francis Chan says “After you ‘go for it’ you never lay awake at night regretting the decision”.  If you miss it and don’t listen, there is redemption to be found there as well.  We are living proof. God be praised!  I hope to be the kind of man who hears God’s voice and responds quickly instead of the kind of man who has to wander in the wilderness to make amends.


~ by spruills on May 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “LOST and the art of Obedience”

  1. amen! i personally hate looking back and kicking myself for not doing what God told me to do!

    and i just never got into lost. we had band practice on wednesday nights and didn’t have a DVR yet. so i got “lost” and never caught up. maybe i’ll have to rent them and start over.

  2. I’m glad we’re friends. I really like where your head and heart are. …inspiring.

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